The Top 10 Loyalty Programs for Online Casinos in 2023

Players that are devoted to their favorite online casinos are rewarded through loyalty programs. The benefits you receive from gambling sites are not consistent. They typically come with the usual assortment of goodies, such as increased bonuses, accelerated withdrawal times, and maybe even a personal casino manager.

New players may not have much experience with, or understanding of, casino loyalty programs. In light of the confusion surrounding loyalty programs, we prepared this primer to shed light on the topic. We also briefly discuss whether or not they are beneficial. You’ve come to the right place to learn everything there is to know about this exciting online casino benefit.

In other words, let’s define a loyalty program.

The purpose of a VIP or online casino loyalty program is to reward regular customers with special perks and benefits for their continued patronage. The vast majority of casinos provide some sort of incentive or loyalty program.

Usually, a loyalty program that compensates players for making frequent deposits is the reason why an online casino does not offer regular bonuses to existing players.

A Breakdown of Loyalty Programs in Virtual Casinos

Online casino loyalty programs often employ one of the following models:

Score-Based System

Players in a points-based program accumulate points as a result of their wagering and playing activity. If you bet more, you’ll get extra perks. These points may be redeemed for prizes including cash bonuses, free spins, a reduced house edge (often only available at sportsbooks), and even entry into tournaments.

Program using Gradients

Online casinos that accept customers from the United States tend to have tiered loyalty schemes. But as several of these sites also welcome Australian players, we’ve decided to describe their operations here.

They function similarly to point-based schemes in that your wagers will be rewarded with points. Your progress through a tiered system is based on your point total rather than your desire to buy individual rewards.

Better benefits are available at higher levels. Therefore, the higher your tier, the better the benefits!

Reward Programs That Are Hugely Successful

Some of the most common perks offered by the best Australian online casinos’ loyalty programs are:

Unique Promotional Extras

Exclusive bonuses and free spins are typical forms of loyalty program rewards offered by casinos. The size of your bonus depends on your status in the casino’s system. So, the bigger your wager, the more cash back you’ll receive or free spins you’ll receive.

Increases in Withdrawal Amounts

Most casinos will match a player’s deposit amount, up to a certain limit, with a bigger withdrawal amount. The logic behind this is that larger wagers have a higher chance of yielding larger returns. You should get your hands on a windfall of hundreds of thousands of dollars as soon as feasible. To accomplish this, you’ll need a higher withdrawal limit than is typical.

Improved Betting Limits

The typical betting range for a player is several cents to several hundred dollars. Even though most people would be sick at the thought of betting $500 on a hand, there are those who desire to bet $10,000 or more.

Online casinos only allow high rollers who have worked their way through the loyalty program.

Improved Payout Times

One of the nicest things a casino can do to thank loyal customers is to expedite withdrawals. In most cases, this is accomplished by expediting the processing of your request to the front of the line. Like first-class boarding, it’s not strictly necessary but is certainly appreciated.

One’s Own Host

We think this is the best perk you can get from a reward program. If you have a dedicated host, you can stop worrying and start getting things done immediately. Manager complaints are usually resolved immediately, without the need to involve higher-ups.


Getting money back is great. The casino offers you the chance to win back part of the money you lost during the week. The amount of money you get back, however, is tied to your program status.

In the lower tiers, your return on investment will average out to around 10%. However, depending on the casino, you may be able to win as much as 30% back as you progress through the levels.

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